CAD Designer – 835500

Job #: 835500
Salary: 45-55K
Industry: Manufacturing
Type:Direct Hire
Location: Madison, WI
Category: Engineering Positions
Professional/Technical Positions

Description / Qualifications

Our Madison-area client is seeking a CAD Designer to join their team. This person will be responsible for the design and engineering work required turning a concept into a design that can be manufactured and installed. He/she will provide creative and effective design solutions for the food service industry. He/she will also help to plan, design, and furnish interior environments of commercial, and industrial buildings according to needs of clients.

Lays out complete products and prepares assembly and detail drawings, following the general instructions and directions of a sales person, project manager or designer.

Makes various calculations such as strength of materials, weights, simple forces, and stresses, frequently using charts and tables. Designs, develops, and improves new or existing products and directs the building and testing of prototypes.

Position Duties:

1. Modeling (30%): Identifies materials, components, structure and manufacturing options; prepares layouts, creates sketches, recommends color palettes, parts and assemblies. Analyzes various design requirements and recommends possible solutions or alternate constructions. Integrates client’s wishes with knowledge of design and develops a plan to best accommodate function, artistic preference, and budget. Creates scale (3-D) models of prototypes.

2. Create drawings (30%): Prepares floor plan layouts, assembly, exterior or interior site and building concept drawings, and detail drawings for new or improved products, special machinery design, test equipment, tools, fixtures and gauge design. Originates and/or develops designs for products relating to defined customer needs or as possible proprietary items. Creates various detailed views needed for manufacturing, including isometric, dependant and piece-part views. Adds dimensions, tables, notes, relations between components, etc. Adheres to design and manufacturing standards. Displays final drawing to verify completeness, clarity and accuracy.

3. Product/Prototype support (25%): Identifies design issues, generates and assesses alternatives; facilitates discussion, agreement and resolution among key parties. As necessary, produces revised drawings.

4. File conversions (5%): Retrieves the design and converts the file into a suitable format for vendor and customer review and usage; provides package file and drawings.

5. File Set-up (5%): Submits final plans to production. Displays final drawing and converts the file into a suitable format for review and production usage.

6. File Maintenance (5%): Saves, files and organizes art files and support files for efficient retrieval and future use.


1. Education: Associates degree in Engineering Technology, Fine arts or related.

2. Experience: Three years experience with materials selection, manufacturing processes, statics/dynamics as well as computer-aided design.

3. Computer/Software and Office Equipment Skills: Highly skilled in use of CAD standards, including AutoCAD and Sketchup. Proficient with Microsoft Office.

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