HR Solutions

Human Resources Solutions for Employers

  • Assistance with fundamental HR Activities

    Reducing HR paperwork and overhead

    Reducing paperwork is a great way to make your HR systems more “user friendly.” Employees will be more productive and less likely to “cut corners.” There are several ways in which to reduce time spent on administrative tasks.  For more information, please call us today at 608-257-2411.

  • Writing job descriptions

    Why are job descriptions important? Job descriptions are a valuable tool in clarifying the essential functions of a job. They are also good tools to use when establishing standard operating procedures to ensure the quality of the product or service your company provides. Job descriptions don’t have to be complicated and arduous. There are several creative approaches to writing job descriptions and Brenda call help you with that!

  • I-9 Compliance

    The completion of documentation to confirm eligibility to work in the United States is of big concern to employers across the nation. Monetary fines are very significant should these forms be filled out incorrectly or if they are not filled out at all. Please call Brenda to learn more about the compliance requirements and a possible audit of your existing I-9 documentation.

  • Coaching through difficult terminations

    No one likes to be fired from their job and 99% of the time no one likes to do the firing. If you have a very difficult employee situation that may lead to termination Brenda will coach you through gathering the right documentation and becoming more comfortable with the termination process.

  • Assistance with Strategic HR Initiatives

    – Improving your bottom line by tying your HR initiatives to your sales goals Human Resources initiatives should reflect your company’s revenue goals just as your customer service initiatives support your revenue goals. Relevant HR initiatives such as recruitment objectives, employee retention, compensation and incentive programs, training and development activities, etc. are critical to your company’s overall financial health.

    – Reinventing your performance review processes Performance reviews are an extremely time consuming but necessary process. They are helpful for warding off lawsuits, providing direction to employees, clarifying an employee’s goals and objectives, and for keeping your employees focused on your overall business objectives. Brenda will assist you in creating a performance management system that your supervisors will find valuable, relevant, and simple to administer.

    – Leadership development (management, supervisors, team leaders) A solid leadership team can save your company money by reducing overhead, managing employees in a consistent manner, avoiding conduct that may lead to legal action, and creating a productive, fun work environment. Please call Brenda to learn more about how she can tailor leadership development programs that are relevant, enjoyable, and valuable.

Our consulting rates are very reasonable and can be tailored to meet your company’s needs either by the hour or by the project.

Our clients also turn to Brenda as a resource for their quick HR-related questions and to get feedback on new ideas before implementing them throughout the company. There are generally no fees associated with this type of consultation.

Why you should hire Brenda Murty for HR Consulting projects:

  • Brenda has over 18 years of comprehensive HR experience.
  • She has worked for private and publicly traded organizations in manufacturing, publishing, and telecommunications.
  • She has experience working in union and non-union environments.
  • She has a unique ability to grasp the big picture and break it down into manageable components.
  • Our clients appreciate Brenda’s sense of urgency, candidness, proactive approach, technical grasp of HR concepts, and creative solutions. She is also very enjoyable to work with.
  • Her style works very effectively with employees at all levels of an organization. She feels just as comfortable at the front line as she does at the boardroom table.
  • Because Drake & Co. is a small family-owned business, our consulting rates are very reasonable and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and your budget.