Testimonials – Employers

I have worked with Drake & Company since their inception in 1978 in the capacity of searches for top quality legal secretaries. They have consistently been very conscientious in determining our specific needs for each search in order to provide qualified potential applicants. This has become increasingly difficult in recent years with the shortage in the legal secretarial market, but they have continued to work very hard to fill our exact needs rather than “paper? me with resumes not fully meeting our requirements. They also provide the same top quality service when I am in need of temporary legal secretaries. In the increasingly difficult process of finding qualified legal secretaries, I know they will always be there to help me in my search.

- Maggie, Administrator

It was a pleasure working with you to fill my District Sales Assistant position. Jim is working out great! As we’ve discussed in the past, your fees were slightly higher than some of your competitors. However, after having the opportunity to work with a number of staffing companies, I can say, without hesitation, that your personal service greatly outweighs any difference in fees.I have never before felt the need to write a letter to a service provider but you did such an excellent job that I wanted to express my gratitude. All the people at Drake & Company that I had the pleasure of dealing with, deserve to be commended. Next time I need to fill a similar position you will be my first call.Thank you again for all of your help!

- Jonathan, District Sales Manager

I’ve never used an agency before, so I figured I should go to the Cadillac of the group when I am going to an agency – so I called Drake & Company.

- Ellen, Administrator

As an administrator of one of Madison’s largest law firms, time can be my worst enemy if I don’t use it wisely. That’s where Drake & Company, specifically the legal division, comes in. I know that my time will be spent wisely interviewing candidates who have the skills, references, drive, and personality to fit into our firm. For over a decade, it’s been Drake & Company.

- Victoria, Legal Administrator

Out of the several agencies we contacted, Drake & Company responded most quickly and professionally. A placement consultant came out to our office immediately to get a personal assessment of our needs and it paid off…Jane is perfect for the job and we love having her here! Drake & Company has made my first experience with an agency a very favorable and comfortable one.

- Lucy, President

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding our recent hire. She is wonderful! The engineers and planners in my office are thrilled with her computer skills and knowledge, phone etiquette, ability to transcribe, proofread and finalize all correspondence, ability to take charge of an assignment no matter how small or large and do it right – the list goes on and on. We are very pleased with our decision to hire her.

- Rosemary, Manager

As for working with you, we are just as pleased. You made a difficult situation in our office, a very bearable hiring experience. You forwarded resumes of five potential candidates, which we were able to interview three. To our benefit, we had a difficult time deciding on our potential hire. Your thorough researching of references is what pinned down the perfect candidate for our opening. Staying on top of the entire hiring process was very much appreciated by me. We had two bad hiring experiences prior to this opening and were gun shy to the whole process. You made it easy and pain-free. Thanks.

- Robert, Office Coordinator

Our company is a small law office in Madison. Because we are a small office, every person is important. When someone is unable to work or on vacation, we need a person who will be able to fill that spot immediately. For the past 18+ years, we have worked with Drake & Company and they have acted with the utmost expediency in filling our needs. Thanks Drake & Company for always being there!

- Elizabeth, Legal Administrator