Testimonials – Applicants

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity and your advice and feedback. I will always recommend Drake & Company to anyone who is looking for a job. I appreciate everything and will always remember you.

- Linda

I just wanted to thank you for helping me find a job so quickly. The environment in which I work is both flexible and enjoyable. The people I work with are great, I couldn’t have asked for better and I couldn’t have found this job without you. Thanks.

- Jessie

My experience with Drake has been great from the very beginning. Every single person I have met and every contact I have had has been purely professional and pleasant. It is obvious that the staff enjoy their jobs and each other. What a crew!

- Jennifer

Thanks to all of you for assisting me in finding new employment. You made my relocation to Wisconsin a very enjoyable experience. A special thanks to all who made the process of finding employment so easy!

- Janelle

Thank you Drake & Company for all of your support and hard work. You matched me up with a great company and I can’t wait to get started working. I think your staff was just as excited as I when the company hired me. It was wonderful to share that happiness with such a great company. Thanks again, I will be referring everyone I know to Drake & Company from now on.

- Christine

In November I moved back to Madison. I called Drake and had an interview and by the end of the week I had accepted an offer from a wonderful company. Drake & Company matched my skills and my personality with the perfect company for me. The process could not have been easier! The folks at Drake made everything comfortable and I felt totally at ease!

- Gerry

Dear Drake & Company: I would like to take the opportunity to tell everyone thanks for all the great help in trying to find a job for me! In the future if I should need a staffing firm, Drake & Company will be the first I would contact!

- Cindy

When I first heard about Drake & Company, I was so happy, I went in right away for an interview. I was astonished at how fast Drake & Company found openings for me, and within the pay range that I needed. I started my new job and find it a fun and wonderful learning experience.

- Anne

The staff at Drake & Company were so helpful and professional. They truly seemed to care about finding the perfect fit for me. Thanks Drake!!

- Tracy

Thank you Drake & Company for your time and efforts concerning my career search. “Even with my needs not matching your services, you still did an excellent job going the extra mile to assist me. I appreciate you introducing me to a possible career opportunity and look forward to exploring this potential sales position.

- Stephen