About Us


Why Use a Staffing Firm?


picDrake & Company is a locally-owned staffing firm with 36 years of experience successfully building business-to-employee partnerships. Our astute, well-trained staff have insight into and understanding of local markets. Drake's business is human resources and as such we are dedicated to making the best placements possible.

Through our thorough and focused pre-screening process, Drake only accepts the very best applicants. Our services free you from the arduous task of sifting through a deluge of resumes and deciphering which are truly quality candidates. Our professional placement consultants lift the burden of filling your human resources needs, while saving you immensely on advertising and recruitment costs. Your company can instead focus on what it does best. Drake does it all for you!


Drake's Specialty
We specialize in administrative, clerical, and legal placements. In addition, we have many years of experience in placing accountants, human resources, management, graphic design, technical writing, marketing, sales, and much more. Our Drake Placement Consultants are carefully trained to locate not only required skill qualifications, but to also match corporate culture. Drake is often described as the go-to agency for polished professionals.

Our Placements


Direct Hire
Drake & Company prides itself on getting a feel for a company and their own individual needs, as well as the unique corporate culture that presides over the work environment. We do our best to expedite the hiring process and save you valuable time and energy. Drake placement consultants cut down on your interviewing and screening to quickly and efficiently find the professional to fit you.

Our temp-to-hire option allows a company to "try-out" an applicant to ensure their suitability for your workplace. High turnover can be very costly, and Drake's consultants work hard to make certain only the most qualified candidates are introduced to a company.

Let Drake deal with the ills of filling your temporary employment needs. Whatever the reason: leave-of-absence, vacation, or special projects, we can help you out. Give us a call today.

Your company cannot afford the down-time of open positions or the burden of over-working your current employees. Your service from Drake & Co. also includes a complimentary Human Resources Assessment in order to perfectly match our applicants with your business. Drake & Co. will fulfill your hiring needs quickly and carefully so your business can continue to succeed.

The experienced staff at Drake & Co. is often called upon to offer professional advice regarding hiring procedures, writing job descriptions, current salary ranges, annual vs. merit reviews, what you can and can't ask during interviews and many other related office procedures.

Drake & Co. will save you and your staff valuable time by assuming responsibility for all advertising, screening, interviewing, testing, and thorough checks on references and work history. Our professional placement consultants are trained to match both the qualifications and the personality of respective applicants to the requirements and environment of your company.

Drake & Co. has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1978. We understand the importance of personal service and relationships when building a successful business. This understanding only ensures that we will go the extra mile in our personal commitment to you and your company. At Drake & Co., we care about the future of your business.